Driving Range

We offer a course-like golf range, with all the
same features of an actual course, such as; water, and target flags at select yardages.


Large Bucket - $11 ($1 off for seniors!)
Small Bucket - $6 ($1 off for seniors!)

18-Hole Mini Golf

Come on down to play some mini golf! Our 18 hole course features both easy and difficult holes, great for all ages! Featuring a waterfall, fountain, and bridges, this course is guaranteed to be a fun event for anybody!


Adults - $7
Children (12 & Under) - $5

Putting Green

Time to practice putting! The new putting green we have is great to play on. Conveniently placed and well maintained, our putting green is the perfect way to practice.



Indoor Hitting

Indoor hitting is now up and running! We use the latest technology to give you the ultimate experience, while also helping you with any errors in your swing. With the use of the FlightScope X2, you get to know all the facts about your swing, even while playing on a virtual course!

$30 per hour and $15 per half hour

FlightScope X2:

Used during indoor hitting sessions

The FlightScope X2 is now available for use during indoor sessions! FlightScope X2 is the world’s first completely wireless, battery-operated, 3D Doppler tracking radar for golf. The X2 is known for its unmatched accuracy, affordability, and revolutionary apps. Side-by-side video and club or ball data comparison is available on the FlightScope VX2 app and fully customizable assessments in the Skills app for player benchmarking.

Club Fitting

What is club fitting?

Club fitting is the process by which one ensures he/she has the most subjectively appropriate equipment for the game of golf. Being properly fit will afford a golfer the greatest odds of improving. A vast majority of golfers began playing with clubs that were either given to them, borrowed, or purchased used. Many times, these same golfers, (knowingly or otherwise) are forced to compensate for this equipment, due to the fact that it was designed for another. This can lengthen the learning curve, make the game more frustrating, and even cause injury.

The correct combination of club head, shaft and grip is essential to effectively striking the ball. The fitting process ensures that the proper tools are being used. By maximizing the efficiency of an individual's efforts, properly fitted clubs will ultimately make the game easier, and thus, more enjoyable.

We take into consideration, one's physical dimensions, certain key characteristics of an individual's swing, the desired look, feel and resulting ball flight promoted by the most effective combination of club components.

The Valley Golf Fitting Center serves a clientele ranging from beginner to seasoned, competitive golfer. The Sole requirement for being fit, is a desire to improve one's game.

Featuring FlightScope, the industry's most advanced teaching and fitting tool which utilizes Dopplar radar, the most accurate method of tracking ball flight, both indoors and out.

Valley Golf Fitting Center employs a highly unique method of combining the analysis of an individual's swing, while being fit by a certified professional, thus ensuring a complete and enduring improvement to your game. Our comprehensive fitting method, affords our clients the time, knowledge and attention to detail creating an overall experience which rivals that on the PGA tour.

Simply stated, our focus is improving your game and our process reflects the same. Come in and experience the difference.

Operating Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 10am - Dark

Friday & Saturday: 10am - Dark

Sunday: 10am - Dark

Note: Hours are subject to change.